image by sindy gonzalez

image by sindy gonzalez

An editor and cinematographer, Dylan River Lopez moved to New York City at the age of 24. Since late 2017, they have been an Assistant Editor at Vice Media. Some of the projects Dylan has worked on include Motherboard’s Dear Future, a piece for CNET & Microsoft that was a winner in the 2018 Webby Awards, as well as Latinx: HIV on the Border, a Vice series which was nominated for a GLAAD Award in Outstanding Digital Journalism in 2019.

Dylan discovered their passion for filmmaking at Florida State College in their hometown of Jacksonville. There, they created their first documentary film titled “Nótt”, exploring how music impacts us when we drive during the night, which eventually played at Sun-Ray Cinema. Shortly after, they continued their filmmaking education at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, eventually moving to New York City to further pursue their filmmaking career.

For inquiries, please email or text/call 904-401-9011.


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