My roommate, Nick, has been working on an avian show with a woman named Corene. Yesterday, I was able to tag along. As soon as we got to her house, we were instantly greeted by a brace of ducks and one single peacock.  Now I don’t remember this peacock’s name but he surely liked to follow you around wherever you went. Well, so did all of the other ducks. Corene had a lot of neat stuff around her property.She had a small pond in the back along with this very cool boat that had been left. Attached to the back of her house, she had a giant aviary where the birds could fly as much as they wanted. I met two little quaker parrots along with their son/daughter (sex still unknown). He/she and I got along great. We also met Bozo, a very sneaky red macaw. He seriously would walk around the house and would just sneak up on us and watch what we were doing.

The segment or episode of the show that Nick and Corene were filming was about the African Grey parrots. So she brought out her African Grey named AJ.

Here are a couple of photographs I was able to get.