Talking a Walk on the High Line

The High Line near Chelsea, New York was originally constructed in 1934 and was used to deliver food throughout Manhattan. As more and more deliveries were made by trucks, the use of the High Line declined.The last train to run on the High Line was right before Thanksgiving in the year 1980. After that it become a bit of an eye sore to the area and many business owners wanted it gone. It became overgrown with plants and flowers and rust set in on the tracks. In 2001, Mayor Rudy Giuliani signed to have the line demolished. That is when two fellows by the name of Joshua David and Robert Hammond created a nonprofit called Friends of the High Line in an effort to save it from being torn down. Obviously they succeeded, and they did that by bringing in various artists to help clean up the park and turn it into how it looks today. At its current state the Highline stretches 1.45 miles and gets almost 6 million visitors a year.

Today I was able to explore this area for the first time. I met up with my good friend Madz, who was one of my first friends in the city. This part of the city is beautiful and definitely has a charm. Knowing about its history makes a big difference when you are walking around it, too.

It’s been great living in New York City and it’s definitely growing more on me. Not that I have really had any trouble adjusting to the big change I made, but there are still things you need to get used to! After exploring the High Line we were quite hungry and had some delicious burgers.

Can’t wait to explore other parts of the city!