The Maids by Jean Genet

I had the opportunity to help out with promotional material for a wonderful production directed by Ben Gunderson and co-directed by Sylvie Mae Baldwin.

Here is the synopsis taken from the Outliers Theatre Co. website. 

Two sisters, Solange and Claire, struggle to believe their existence as maids is anything but sub-human. Each night they enact a secret fantasy while their mistress is away. When their attempt to destroy Madame's love affair goes awry, their hopes for transcendence grow increasingly slim. A desperate hunger for dignity drives their sadistic ritual to new depths.

I helped Ben film this promotional piece for his production while he directed and edited everything.

As well as helping create this short promotional piece, I was able to photograph the play itself which was beautifully crafted by all of the talented artists, including Lighting Designer, Remy M. Leelike