My name is Dylan and I am a visual artist living in New York City. I discovered my passion for filmmaking in college when I took a class taught by a professor who ultimately became my favorite instructor. His teaching style and faith in his students’ abilities pushed me to make my first short documentary film titled “Nótt”, a film that explores how music impacts us when we drive during the night. I left my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida to continue my filmmaking education in Orlando by attending Valencia College’s excellent film program. At 24,  I decided to take the leap to come to the big city.

As a visual learner with a strong desire to create, cinematography and photography are logical passions of mine. Having the ability to craft something beautiful from nothing is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced. Another interest of mine is the exploration of human nature and learning why people do the things that they do. I therefore find the most inspiring films to be  character studies and those that explore the human condition.  

Music is a large influence on my filmmaking and style. Connecting with a piece of music will drive me to film accompanying visuals that tell an integrated story. The art of filmmaking and capturing images is an emotional process similar to making and listening to music; it is my goal to combine the two to create the most impact.

I also provide wedding cinematography which you can view here.

For inquiries, please fill out this form, email or call 904-401-9011.